Life Insurance That Makes Sense

Life insurance is a complex decision and we are here to bring you the most benefits out of your policy. 
Our difference

We are turning the life insurance model on its head

Living benefits

Life insurance extends beyond protecting your family for the next 30 years. Worried about taxable retirement savings or long term care costs? We are here to help!

People before profit

Our advisors are not compensated by commission so we are not incentivized to push monster policies on you. We are here to find the right policies for your needs.

Licensed advisors

Life insurance can be confusing. Our platform helps you find seasoned, licensed advisors in your network and your area so you have a trusted voice and hand.

Who we are​

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are a young, passionate group with decades of collective experience in life insurance. We saw that the industry was broken with misaligned incentives, non-transparent products, and confusing options. We firmly believe in the mission of making sure that families are properly protected. 


That’s why we are taking the disconnected and fragmented traditional life insurance brokerage model that hasn’t kept up with modern consumer expectations and transforming it to a platform for life insurance advisors with an efficient and delightful end-to-end process for end consumers. 


Our goal at Amplify is to make an impact on improving the consumer experience by providing clarity and honesty to the process of purchasing a long-term plan for your family. We believe that each individual and family has a unique situation and we want to be here to help make the right decision for you.

Talk to us

We offer free consultation with our team of licensed, fee based advisors